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Home loans here in the "Crossroads to America". 

Lenders to handle all of your home loan lending needs.

Indiana is considered a community property state. You must include the liabilities of both parties (if married)  when calculating "debt to income" ratios for an Indiana mortgage. You can, however,  still do a loan in one person's name.

Title companies, lenders, real estate agents, and attorneys may handle closings. Conveyance is by warranty deed. Indiana Mortgages are the average security instruments.

Get pre-approved for a loan!  Find out how much you can afford, prior to house hunting.

Use one of the Indiana real estate agents here on the site, use your own agent or enjoy the freedom of purchasing a FSBO home. 

Lenders offer these Indiana home loans; Home Refinance, Fixed Rate Mortgages, ARMS, Balloon Payments, 100% Financing, Sub-Prime, Stated Income, Home Equity and more.....

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Even if you don't need a loan at this time, feel free to favorite this site.  Eventually, every one needs a loan of some kind.  Keep us in mind, whether you are looking for a Indiana home loan, refinancing or just researching mortgages.


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